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St. Thomas serves as the home capital of the US Virgin Islands. With this said, it has served as the core of activities of the place from past to present. In the entire downtown area of Charlotte Amalie, you can be sure to find historical buildings that would somehow transport you during the Danish era when it was still a busy area for trading. As you see modernity in the forms of shops, vendors, cruise ships and cabs all over the place, you would be introduced as well to how tourism developed the economy of the place.

St. Thomas is an island filled with a lot of mountains and roads as well that can render you amazing panoramic views of its turquoise colored oceans. Right on the numerous hills and the beaches of the place, you can be sure to stumble upon a gamut of accommodations such as vacations homes, condos, villas, historical inns, resorts and a lot more. The island serves as paradise to those who love being in water. Your ideal vacation plan in this place should be filled with a lot of activities done under the sun and on the sand.

From snorkeling, windsurfing, kite boarding, fishing, parasailing to the simplest water activities of just merely enjoying your time being a beach bum, you can surely have a grand rest and recreation time in St. Thomas island. For the land part of the island, you can also enjoy a great deal of activities such as golfing, island tours, and checking out lots of historical sites in the downtown area where you can also enjoy shopping. If you like nightouts, then the island would not let you miss out on its with a great number of bars and restaurants that you can find in the place where live music is offered with sumptuous menus for dinner.


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There are some main sections of the website that you will definitely want to check out, such as:

St Thomas Attractions – If it is your dream to escape to a stunning paradise located in an island, then it is the St. Thomas attractions that you should not miss out seeing even for once in your life. It has tourist spots that go beyond just the usual sandy beach and lush environs. The island is considered to be one huge recreational paradise where outdoor sights are most pleasant and exciting for any age and gender. When you make it your goal to see its attractions, then you can be sure to be proud of this accomplishment that you can do for yourself.

St Thomas Accommodations & Lodging – As you decide to stay within the island of St. Thomas, you can be sure to find a certain type of accommodation that would fit your taste. Whether you plan to stay in something fancy because you have all the money to spend or you want to stay in a family friendly hotel, then you can be sure to find something nice to stay in. There are also lots of B&Bs which give an amazing view of Charlotte Amalie. Right within the town part of the island, you can also find lots of inns and several hotels which can make you closer to the airport and several minutes away from the island’s famous beaches.

St Thomas Infrastructure – The entire structure of St. Thomas and the rest of the Caribbean islands is perfect for major tourism facilities like resorts, restaurants and other amenities. This is especially true to cater to tourists who are in search of all inclusive vacations. Within the Virgin Islands, you can already be sure to find that roads are already well paved and it has other utilities made available already like mail and Internet service, banks, police, firefighting department and a lot more. Hence, many are aiming to come to St. Thomas not just to start up a new business but also to even reside here.

St Thomas Information – Some of the other details you will find on this website with information about St. Thomas is listed below:

Where To Stay

You will not run out of options when it comes to a place to stay in the island. Whatever is your taste and level of budget, you can be sure to find something that would suit your budget. You may choose to stay in an inclusive resort or just settle for a hotel by the beach that is perfect for large families. There are also towns and other properties by the beachfront which can make you nearer to the airport right in town. Even if you decide to stay in town, it will only take about 15 to 25 minutes to drive to the island’s popular beach sites.

What To Do

There is a wide range of things to do in St. Thomas that would definitely keep you busy all throughout the duration of your vacation. You can enjoy animal encounters, biking, boating, casino gaming, cultural events, island hopping, chartered trips around the island, eco-tours, fishing, golf, hiking, horseback riding, jet ski, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, bar hopping, and whale watching.

Exploring The Beaches

The island has around 40 or more beaches along its wide range coasts. All the strands are presented with waters in crystal blue and green coconut trees that just sway around to give shade. You may choose to be a simple beach bum by the shores or if you are the restless type, then you may want to not stop doing all the possible beach adventure activities you can try. This is just the perfect island to soothe all your worries away.

The Dining Experience

There is never just one favorite dining place in St. Thomas. Each restaurant in the island is led by expert chefs who can offer global cuisines that offer a mixture of various food selections to suit every possible taste whether you like Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Caribbean or Japanese amongst many others. If you want to enjoy amazing views while eating then you can choose to dine in restaurants located right above Charlotte Amalie.

Love The Nightlife

St. Thomas is one island that has the liveliest of all nightlife you can get to experience. It may not be as big as Vegas or New York but it can offer as much fun. Whether you enjoy karaoke, bar hopping and a lot of dancing, there is a wide array of clubs and bars where you can hear a good mix of Caribbean music and other American pop hits. If you want to enjoy great discounts on drinks and food, then you have to catch the usual happy hour rates.

On Real Estate

The island offers prosperous areas for real estate which presents an ideal mix of commerce and peaceful neighborhoods. With its characteristics of being mountainous and close to nature, it is considered one ideal place to live in for those who have plans of living in the island or investing on the accommodations business and earn from tourists visiting the place.

Endless Shopping

St. Thomas is also home to amazing shopping outlets. This is a place where you can find duty free shops filling up the streets and right along the capital’s alleys. You can surely find lots of malls of various sizes all over the place along with interesting boutiques and other unique souvenir shops.

To explore the island requires that you rent a car or use scooters, bikes, or motorcycles. It may be too big for just walking or hiking alone. St. Thomas is also the perfect venue for romantic weddings especially for couples who love the environment. You can also get a chartered vacation by renting out yachts only if you have the luxurious budget allotted for this kind of vacation. If you happen to have your own yacht, then the more that you can save as well in the island especially in the aspect of still searching for the right accommodation.

St. Thomas has always been able to maintain its popularity of being one of the top vacation Caribbean spots in the US Virgin Islands and Charlotte Amalie as the most favored port of a variety of cruise ships. St. Thomas is one paradise you should not miss visiting once in your life.


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